I have a friend who has so many fantastic attributes that I have to use a computer spreadsheet program to keep track of them.  Many of them are directly reflective of her character, including her personality and style.  And others directly reflect her individual appearance and attractiveness.  For my own personal awareness, I keep a mental list of those that are most outstanding or that I appreciate and wish to thank her for on those occasions when I wish to express my gratitude.  For example, I am reminded daily of her hair and her smile.  They have the most unusual ability to complement each other, so much so that even when she makes a change in either style or accents they still have this unique ability to enhance one another.

I am also aware that she invests time to maintain and keep those attributes looking their best.  I appreciate that as well, because I know it makes her feel her best.  That is why I take advantage of the services of American Express to send her a gift certificate coupon that she can use to have her hair done at her favorite salon each season, usually before the major seasonal events and holidays when we will be out to see shows and congregate in large crowds or at major events.  It is on those occasions when I want her to look and feel her best – you might say I want to “show her off” were it not for the fact that I like to enjoy seeing her smile myself!  So when I use a Groupon promo code to obtain an American Express gift card I can purchase it with no service fee.  And then I give her that gift card so she can use it to have that beautiful head of hair get the exact treatment and maintenance it deserves and that she feels it best warrants.

The result of that special gift is two-fold: not only do I get to enjoy and savor the product she shows me, but I also get to see how pleased she is with having it done precisely in the manner she desires.  Of course, I appreciate it even more because I know her external attractiveness is just a hint of the wonderful personality and character within.